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ray smith right behind you baby

Ray Smith is an alternative-rock musician and a pioneer in the underground music scene. His critically acclaimed album ‘Right Behind You Baby’ released in 2001, was a game-changer and is often considered to be an alternative rock classic. The album features dark and moody songs that showcase Smith’s distinct and gritty sound. The title track of the album, ‘Right Behind You Baby’ is an anthemic, almost epic, tune that manages to capture all the depths of Ray Smith's melancholic, dreamy, and yearning lyrics.

The original album, ‘Right Behind You Baby,’ was released on a large record label and launched Ray Smith into the spotlight in the alternative rock scene. It was positively received by critics, with NPR summarizing the album by saying, “There's a dank, moody atmosphere to Right Behind You Baby that Smith envelops in music with a vivid poeticism.� Smith's sound was revolutionary, creating existential questions and intriguing darkness that enraptured the alternative rock audience.

However, it was the remastered version of the album that really became an underground staple. Smith decided to re-release the album so he could answer all the fans who wanted to know more about the songs' depth. The remastered version included two bonus tracks, 'Darkness Calling' and ‘Black Star,’ that combined traditional rock and alternative rock influences, making for a unique and intense listening experience.

The legacy Ray Smith left with Right Behind You Baby is remarkable. Without him, it’s hard to imagine the alternative rock scene as we know it. His influence and vision lead to the creation of music that has remained timeless and has gained the respect from today’s alternative rock fans. Because of his remarkable skill, Ray Smith is seen as a trendsetter in the alternative rock music genre, and Right Behind You Baby is a testament to that fact.

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