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Babylon 5 has become a timeless classic within science fiction television, with its full episodes still capturing the hearts of millions that watch long after the finale aired. Having run for five seasons, viewers have a plethora of episodes to choose from when re-watching their favourite show or exploring the series for the first time. However, Babylon 5 isn’t the only television show worth revisiting and new titles are constantly being added to the list of collections available to buy.

The first season of Fringe, for instance, is a highly acclaimed collection. With brand new supernatural and science fiction elements being introduced in each new episode, the show leaves a lasting impression upon viewers. Another season to explore is that of the beloved bubble guppies; a show filled with educational content, the lovable characters teach children about the world around them.

The Chosen is an interesting season to look at, as it contains all nine episodes of the 2010 fantasy adventure television series. Follow along on the sci-fi action and intense moments that occurs in each season as the show reaches its climax. Another show to watch is 'Eureka', a multi-award-winning show that spans five seasons full of intricate storylines. All aspects are covered as science clashes with humans who fear for their security.

The Expanse is also a great set to delve into and it features all three seasons of the science fiction drama that has left a mark upon viewers. With the central plot bouncing between violence and emotional turmoil, watching this show will keep viewers glued to the screen. Of course, no selection of shows is complete without the inclusion of at least one movie and Babylon 5 can provide that. Babylon 5: The Collection includes two movies; The Gathering and In The Beginning, allowing fans to truly explore the events before the show.

There are many options available for viewers who are looking to dive into the world of Babylon 5 full episodes, as well as dozens of other classic shows and a few modern titles. With each one containing complex themes, memorable characters and brand new storylines, every season and movie will leave viewers counting down the days until they can rewatch the shows again.

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